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China Industrial Economy News reporter Linlin Zhao -- Over the past 40 years of reform and opening up, the ranks of small and medium-sized enterprises have become larger and larger, and they have become an important force in promoting the rapid development of Chinese economy.

China International Import Expo - James Ho

At present, the Credit Management Center of China Association of Small and Medium Enterprises has gathered a large number of credit rating information for small and medium enterprises. The research results of contemporary enterprise theory show that whether a small and medium-sized enterprise can become bigger and stronger depends not only on the entrustment of the enterprise and the support of national policies, but also on the status of the establishment of the enterprise's credit system to a greater extent.

At the China Credit Construction Forum of the 2nd China International Import Expo, James Ho, CEO of Memorial Pharmaceutical , said in an interview with a reporter from China Industrial Economy News: “Being trustworthy is the life of an enterprise, without credit,an enterprise’s continuous development is impossible."

The content of enterprise credit construction is extensive, ranging from an administrative confirmation by the government to a small amount of water and electricity fees being paid on time or not, which are all manifestations of enterprise credit. The impact of corporate credit construction is far-reaching, from the daily life of everyone to the macro strategy of the entire country, which is closely related to it.

"In modern society, if an enterprise has good corporate credit, it means that it is trustworthy, and the more social help and opportunities it will receive; on the contrary, if an enterprise loses its credit, its development will be restricted everywhere, and it will be faced the risk of bankruptcy at any time."

James Ho pointed out that untrustworthy enterprises will have a huge negative impact on the development of the current society. In order to pursue profit, they can do things that violate laws and ethics without hesitation, such as absorbing funds and absconding with money, producing and selling fake and inferior goods...severely hurt the feelings of the people, and at the same time damage the rights and interests of the cooperative company.

Therefore, he believes that an open and transparent corporate credit system will prevent untrustworthy and violating companies from hiding themselves. This is not only a constraint on corporate behavior, but also a manifestation of responsibility to the entire society.

Memorial Pharmaceutical is a startup company focusing on providing research drug import and export services to global pharmaceutical companies. The company's development always puts corporate credit in the first place.

James Ho introduced that in terms of personnel, Memorial Pharmaceutical pays attention to job training for employees, regularly conducts credit education and integrity building, and constantly strengthens their concept of the rule of law and social responsibility, so that employees realize their role in corporate credit. And the company requires them to consciously put honesty and trustworthiness in the first place of work principles in the whole process of providing services.

In terms of system, Memorial Pharmaceutical has established a complete set of corporate credit management system, focusing on the financial department, sales department, and service department. It adopts information management, dynamic monitoring, and real-time update system processes, combined with internal self-inspection, supervision and other mechanisms. Cooperate with the reward and punishment system and the responsibility-to-person system, and strive to ensure the quality and efficiency of services, and minimize the risk of corporate dishonesty.

In addition, Memorial Pharmaceutical has also carried out external quality commitments, unblocked complaint channels, and forced the company to strictly demand its own work; at the same time, it pays attention to building a brand image, transforming successful cooperation cases into credit records, and continuously enriching the company's credit qualifications and strengthening company competitiveness.

James Ho told reporter that in the development of enterprises, credit construction is an intangible asset that is more valuable than gold.

It is a pass for enterprises to win government support, obtain partners, and be qualified to serve the masses, allowing enterprises to grow freely within the scope permitted by law;

It is a wall of honor for companies to show their strength, reputation, service level, and social value, allowing people to see the firm image of the company that it must do what it says, and the contract spirit of the company's promises;

It is a talisman for companies to avoid financing difficulties and low transactions; a trailer to show a bright future for companies; a warning line to prevent companies from going astray; and a weather vane to guide companies to develop higher and farther.

It is no exaggeration to say that modern society is gradually developing into a credit society. Unmanned supermarkets, shared bicycles, credit payments... have gradually become part of people's lives. The economic model based on credit has become the general trend.

This is especially true for the cooperative relationship between enterprises.

"If one day, this order loses the support of credit, it will definitely cause the market economy to stagnate or even regress, and even lead to social chaos and paralysis of national functions. "

James Ho said that the progress of the credit system is conducive to maintaining social fairness, promoting healthy competition, and protecting the interests of the people; it is conducive to creating social wealth, improving the quality of people’s lives, and achieving the government’s macro goals; it is also conducive to improving social morality and purifying economic cooperation  environment, enhance China's international image and international competitiveness.

"In short, good corporate credit is a valuable asset for an enterprise, people and country." James Ho said.

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