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International Purchasement of Comparator

CliniExpert owns a good connection with experienced clinical trial drug supplier from USA, India, Japan and Europe, and is capable of supplying sufficient quantity for comparators, esp. for anti-cancer drugs, biologic, and newly-approved drugs with all the necessary documents for the sponsors to begin with the clinical trials.

Exportation of R&D Drugs

CliniExpert has a good connection with the biggest domestic drug distributors, and is capable of R&D drugs with various lots No., expiry dates, production line requirements, and quantity demands with all the necessary documents required.

Comparator Import & Export

With more than 10 years of clinical trial drug import and export experience, Cliniexpert is quite skillful with all the required procedures and necessary documents, such as approval document of One-time Import Approval, COO, COA, CIQ, DGM, Quarantine document for I/E, Customs clearance form within the required time.

Storage and Logistics of Investigational Product

Cliniexpert has upgraded the storeroom in 2019. The storage area is around 200 square meters, with the temperature guarantee within 2 - 8℃, and special temperature requirement under -20℃. Besides, CliniExpert domestic partner owns the qualification for drug destroying, and logistics. We may offer the full services for the trace and destroying.

Repackage of The Investigational Product

CliniExpert is also capable with the service for drug label and relabeling by GMP standard, and meet the request for the applier’s blind trial, and supply the drugs for applier’s blind trial.

Clinical Trial Subjects Recruitment

CliniExpert is also capable with the service for drug label and relabeling by GMP standard, and meet the request for the sponsor’s blind trial, and supply the drugs for sponsor’s blind trial.

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Why we use imported comparator?

Procedure Simplification

Saving the complicated procedures to the application holder for the comparator user, saving the troubles from the application holder’s long process of approval, or rejection for the supply.

Cost Saving

Purchasing cost of the clinical trial drugs is averagely 15% - 50% cheaper.

Sufficient Supply

Assurance of the trial process with sufficient supply of the trial drugs.

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Our Strength

Global supply network

Sufficient supply with
Good prices

Legal procedures that
Can be traced

Team of Expertise

Supply channels for
International multicentre trial

10-year of Drug import and
export experiences

Temp. control of
ISO requirement

Professional experts for
Investigational product logistics


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